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  • Tonee B. Shelton

Op-ed The Goal is to be New!

Being the new person on a team, on a project, or even embarking upon a new career path can feel like climbing a mountain with no guidance, food or water. The feeling of being new can evoke thoughts of inadequacy, insecurity, and at our core – fear. Let’s be honest, it was scary being the new kid in middle school and its’ scary attempting new things as an adult. Nevertheless, in order to grow, you have to be bold!

When I made the decision to start bettawatchyatone, L.L.C., I was thoroughly confused. How would I acquire merch? How do you apply for an LLC? Do I need a website? What about taxes? Did I need a social media page? All of these questions swirled around in my mind. The key to success is asking the right people the right questions. When embarking on new things, seek out the people doing the things that you desire and ask them for help. Apply the tactics and techniques that they share. 

When being new, the main goal is to learn the skills of people that are older and wiser. Find mentors, sponsors, coaches etc. and whether free or paid, never stop asking questions, applying actions, reviewing to see if those actions work, and then moving to the next task. 

The truth about life is that if you’re evolving you will always be new at some point. Embrace your newness, give yourself grace to make mistakes and continue asking the right people the right questions. You will know you have ascended to the level of teacher when students are now asking you things! 

Tonee B. Shelton

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