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Esther’s Closet is more than a program that assists women who are transitioning back into the labor force. Women from various races and backgrounds come in with one thing in common…fear of not having what they need to survive. We watch these “diamonds in the rough” transform in front of us. Every one of our visitors are treated with dignity and respect. Most look unsure of themselves, appear insecure and are not dressed professionally.

Once they are greeted as welcomed guests and treated as VIP’s, they begin to come out of their shells and display beautiful smiles that the hardships of life have turned into scowls. After speaking with them about their interviews, goals, dreams and aspirations, we see them walk with more confidence, and sit straighter. They are all smiles.  

Free Professional Outfittings

1. Esther’s Closet clients will receive their one outfit to attend their first interview.

2. After securing employment, the client will receive 7-10 days of clothing for new employment,

3. They will receive two new outfits every quarter for continued employment.

New Workforce Development Programs

Starting in 2021, Esther’s Closet clients will have the opportunity for workforce training and employment certificates in exciting career fields like hospitality, light manufacturing and more!  Stay tuned for more news to come!   




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